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Please feel free to call for a cat chat 01482 806129 Alternately you are welcome to send us an email please click the link below.

Kisntel Maine Coons

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About us...

We are Dani, Tom and our 3 daughters - Kimberley, Emmalene and Rebecca. We have been breeding Maine Coons for a few years and we are learning as we go with the help and support of several very good friends  - you all know who you are and we would be lost without you :-) 

We take great pride in our cats who are all first and foremost family members who happen to be furry - in the rest of the pages here you will find out much more about our furry family - please be patient as some pages may be slow to load due to pictures.

We are proud members of The Maine Coon Cat Club and The Yorkshire County Cat Club.

Our Cat Garden...

Our cats all have full access to our home as well as a large enclosed cat run in our back garden which they can go in anytime they please - we do have a stud run for our boy to go into he is entertaining the ladies.

We try to provide stimulating environment for our cats - this means that we don't keep our cats in pens inside or outside. They all have access to the enclosed cat garden which is built onto the back of our house with lots of interesting things for them to investigate, climb and play with.

Pics to follow later!

Forever in our hearts...

One of the hardest things about breeding is when things don't go the way you planned but often you just change your plans to suit and carry on however sometimes the worst happens and we have to say goodbye - please follow this link to meet the furry family members who all took a piece of our hearts with them across the rainbow bridge.
Please feel free to contact us - see the menu on the right .

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