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All About Bumble

Black Tortie and White - D.O.B. 29 March 2012

Bumble earned her nickname almost at birth because of the red and black that alternates on her tail and her constant purring and bounding around :-)  
She is a lovely young lady who we are thrilled to have - she is growing into a huge bundle of fun weighing 12lb 2oz at the tender age of 9mths and 2 weeks.
Thanks to Alison for our snuggly naughty tortie.

Bumble's Pedigree

Over The Top The Sparkling Star Justin Timberlake of Chamberlain EC King Louis of Baydar
IC Madonna of Chamberlain
Kenya The Sparkling Star Enormes Kitten's Urs
Barbarella-Kimberly The Sparkling Star
Westlakes Mis-Purrfect CH Lono Tiili *PL GIC (N) Merridancers Hellfire
Deanna Troi of Chamberlain
Westlakes Topaz IMP GC Yaheska Busby's Boy
Westlakes Shooting Star

Bumble's Galleries - Please click the picture to activate the gallery

Bumble's babies gallery.
Bumble 11mths old. Bumble 11mths old. Bumble 11mths old. Bumble November 2012. Bumble November 2012. Bumble November 2012. Bumble 18 weeks old. Bumble 18 weeks old. Bumble 18 weeks old. Bumble 18 weeks old. Bumble 18 weeks old. Bumble 11 weeks old. Bumble 9 weeks old. Bumble 7 weeks old. Bumble 6 weeks old. Bumble 6 weeks old. Bumble 4 weeks old. Bumble 3 days old.

Westlakes Lip Gloss n Black

Pet Name: Bumble

Kisntel Fuzzbox Voodoo

Pet name: Voodoo

All About Voodoo

Silver Classic Tortie Tabby  and White - D.O.B. 13 Feb 2011

We fell in love with Voodoo very quickly she is a very affectionate girl.  She looks so like her mother it is uncanny - if she wasn't a tortie she would be very easy to mistake for her mum.
Voodoo is a quietly sweet and devoted girl who carries the best of her mum with her but has grown in to a lovely, sweet and very lickey girl who is absolutely sure we are always filthy

Voodoo's Pedigree

CH Moonencia Red Zepplin CH Coonmtn Sabre Dance Quinsigamond Riverdancerof Coonmtn
Tallshipp China Clipper of Coonmtn
Elmcoon Earth Angel Ch Zydeco Robert Redfurred
Zydeco Azaria
Lionmaine Mustang Sally GC Yaheska Dancinwith Wolves GC ST.Johns Samson
Lynelot Tiffany
Kititas Dolly Dreamcoat Kititas Silver Bumble Bee
Kititas Mildred

Voodoo's Gallery - Please click the picture to activate the gallery

Voodoo November 2012 Voodoo November 2012 Voodoo 7 months old November 2011 Voodoo 7 months old November 2011 Voodoo 7 months old November 2011 Voodoo 14 weeks Voodoo 14 weeks Voodoo 8 weeks Voodoo 6 weeks Voodoo 13 days Voodoo 13 days Voodoo 3 days Voodoo 3 days
Voodoo's babies gallery.
Kisntel MrPicklePaw 7 weeks old. Kisntel MrsPepperPot 7 weeks old. Kisntel MrsPiggleWiggle 7 weeks old. Kisntel IttyBitty 19 weeks old. Kisntel IppyDippy 15 weeks old. Kisntel InkyPinky 13 weeks old. Kisntel IbbleBobble 13 weeks old.
Voodoo's gallery.

All About Angel

Blue Cream Tortie - D.O.B. 18th December 2010

We were very luck to get Angel lovely girl who loves nothing more than lolling around and chilling out. 
Angel is a brilliant mum and loves keep us on our toes, usually by moving her kittens under the sofa so they can run riot round the living room! 
We cannot thank Elaine enough for trusting us with our little madam.

Angel's Pedigree

GC Rockoon Ozzy Ozcoon UK GC Atticus Pellinor GC Verismo Britannicus
Atticus Morwenna
CH Coonflakes Ana Coonikova UK GC Lynxelot Geronimo
GC Moonrakers Hacoona Matata
Namrib Strawberry Blonde Noracoon General Custer Mainlysilver Grand View Hudson
Noracoon Illiona
Mabalakat Servilia GC Noracoon Titan
Elyskats Kaelin

Angel's Gallery - Please click the picture to activate the gallery

Angel's babies gallery.
Angel's gallery.
Angel February 2013. Angel February 2012. Angel February 2012.
Kisntel Jazzmania 13 weeks old. Kisntel JamaciaRun 13 weeks old. Kisntel Jabberwocky 13 weeks old. Kisntel Jitterbugs 13 weeks old. Kisntel JungleJim 13 weeks old.

Karalou Oceans Blue

Pet name: Angel

Moonencia Angels Kiss

Pet name: Potts

All About Potts

Brown Classic Tortie Tabby and White - D.O.B. 27th May 2010

Potts is a lovely natured girl who is very sociable and very much the matriarch of our house, she rules with a very gentle hand - more often just a look is enough!  Potts pet name is shortened from PurrPott because she purrs most of the time - it is one of the best noises especially after a busy day :-) 
Thank you Lisa for our PurrPotts :-)

Potts's Pedigree

UK IMP GC Velvetjewels Cullinan RW-SGC Coonyham Goldrush of Velvetjewels IW-SGC Coonyham Sundance
SGC Coonquest Cimarron of Coonyham
Sarafina Tamaya of Velvetjewels GIC Sarafina Haka
GIC Thundercats Wildflower
Elmcoon Earth Angel CH Zydeco Robert Redfurred CH Zydeco Merlin
CH Zydeco Liberty Belle
Zydeco Azaria UK GC Kaiulani Jakatta Jackson of Zydeco
Stormwatch Khamsin Brocstar

Potts's Gallery - Please click the picture to activate the gallery

Pott's babies gallery.
Pott's gallery.
Potts November 2012. Potts November 2012. Potts Novmber 2012. Potts November 2012 Potts 2 years old. Potts 2 years old. Potts 14 weeks old. Potts 14 weeks old.
Kisntel LaDiDa 7 weeks old. Kisntel LiveWire 7 weeks old. Kisntel LadiesMan 7 weeks old. Kisntel LivingLarge 7 weeks old. Kisntel GingerNinja 6 weeks old. Kisntel GoneCrackers 6 weeks old. Kisntel GladRags 6 weeks old. Kisntel GoodyTwoShoes 6 weeks old.

Karalou Bombshell Stomp

Pet name: Bucket

All About Bucket

Brown Classic Tabby and White - D.O.B. 10th November 2011

Bucket was named by our daughters very quickly for being a bucket of love!   Bucket is very sweet girl who loves nothing more than bugging you to bits for attention and playtime - she is very happy with her people especially when demanding something :-)
Thank you again Elaine for letting us have our little fluff ball.

Bucket's Pedigree

GC Dragonmaine Shadeslayer CH Rushcutters Jackpot IC Olmacabes Kalaydons DK*
Rushcutters Balloo DK*
Dragonmaine Saphira IMP GC Yaheska Busby's Boy
CH Dotcom Abigail
CH Karolou Pollyanna Rainbow IMP GC Yaheska Busby's Boy GC ST.Johns Smason
Yaheska Amber Flash
CH Jabbacoon Karolou Kate GC Noracoon Caesar OfNamrib
Kadacoon Ivanahumpalot

Bucket's Gallery - Please click the picture to activate the gallery

Bucket's babies gallery.
Bucket March 2013. Bucket March 2013. Bucket 7 months old. Bucket 14 weeks old. Bucket 14 weeks old. Bucket 14 weeks old.
Bucket's  gallery.

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