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Welcome to our links page

Links To Maine Coon Breeders

Breeders within the UK

Oceanaria Maine Coons

Come and meet Mandy and her cuddly coonies at Oceanaria!

Westlakes Maine Coons

Alison and her crew of Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest Cats at Westlakes!

(Breeder of Bumble)

Lionmaine Maine Coons

Julie and her gang can be found here at Lionmaine!

(breeder of Tangi)

Elaine and her furries at Karolou!
(Breeder of Angel and Bucket)

If you would like to link to us please feel free to take the banner below!

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Breeders outside the UK

zMatrixu Cattery

Zuzana and her family - the breeders of our beautiful Wasabi at the Z Matrixu cattery!

Links to Cat Clubs and Other Organisations


The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy

Maine coon cat club link

The Maine Coon Cat Club

yorkshire county cat club logo

The Yorkshire County Cat Club

Breeders Online

Worldwide Breeder and Kitten listing.

Kitten List

Online listing of Breeders and Kittens.


Mostly UK Breeder and Kitten listing.

Links to Breeders of Other Breeds

Amurusko Norwegian Forest Cats

Here you can meet Dawn and her family of Norwegian Forest Cats at Amurusko.

Landsker Norwegian Forest Cats

Here you can see Christine and her lovely Norwegian Forest Cats at Landsker

Links to Other Interesting Sites


Pawpeds Pedigree Database and Information Site

We have passed the Pawpeds G1 course at the Paw Academy!!

paw academy G1

If you would like to see more information about this course please click on the banner above.

Breeders Supplies

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